Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Join us in honoring, supporting, and praying those who serve and protect!



Serving the community in Moselle and St. Clair, MO



Serving in Ozawki Kansas, near Lawrence KS


Eternal Promises Radio

We're broadcasting God's Eternal Promises on the air! Listen online, tell others, and help us get the Word out.


RUGGED MEN's Retreats - Sept 10th & 24th

Sign-up for the upcoming RUGGED MEN's Retreat with Archery, Horses, Sharp-shooting, Camping, and Encouragement!


Searching Deep Truth?

Discover the Eternal Promises granted exclusively through Jesus Christ, Messiah — the WAY, the TRUTH, & the LIFE.


Marketplace Gospel with Billboards

Boldly displaying God's Eternal Promises – 24/7 – to souls in need of Jesus Christ! Help us spread the Word.


God is amazing and we are excited to see what He is doing through you. Shannon and I were touched by Eternal Promises and this work. We are glad to be a part, even if only in a small way. With love...

Darin W.