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Enjoying Dinner

By November 4, 2023Karen's Art Stories
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I have to admit, I’ve done this before… or at least thought about it. Some things are just too good. My husband makes a fantastic lobster bisque. I picture myself lapping it up just like this panda.

Have you ever considered the immense variety of tastes and smells? There are strong pungent odors that we recognize instantly: fish, baking bread, garlic just to name a few. What about smells that bring back memories: cookies baking, watermelon in summer, a roasting turkey, etc. God is so good to give us the joy of tasty food.

When I had Covid, I experienced, like many others, not being able to taste or smell. Oh, how we rely on those sense! I realized how valuable taste and smell are for our survival. Not being able to tell if a food is good or bad can really affect your gut. Not being able to smell smoke if there is a fire, or natural gas if there is a gas leak.

But God, in His ultimate wisdom, knows what we need and created our bodies with the wonderful gift of tasting and smelling, not only to protect us; but also to allow us to thoroughly enjoy every bite.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

    Psalms 34:8 

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