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The Unborn Need Advocates

God calls us to care for others, and not “look the other way” from anyone who is being abused, mistreated, robbed, raped, or murdered. The unborn — God’s created children — are no exception. We simply cannot stand by and do nothing.

We need to get involved.

Begin To Pray

Prayer is our first step and our greatest weapon. God hears our prayers, and He answers.

How to Pray About Abortion

Make Choices That Push Back

Start making some hard choices that align with your beliefs. Start supporting companies that hold pro-life views, and where possible, stop patronizing companies that support the killing of babies.


Research local, state, and federal candidates. Make sure you know the candidate’s stance on abortion, and what action they will take while in office. Vote for candidates who will take a stand and fight against the abortion industry.

Take Action

Go to life marches, or protest outside abortion clinics. Consider volunteering at a local pro-life pregnancy center, or become a counselor, and encourage women to keep their babies.

Stay Updated

As well as reading here on Eternal Promises, here are some other pro-life sites we recommend following.

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