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Don’t Believe the Lie

The Pro-Choice movement has been lying to young women for years. At a time when a young woman needs encouragement and stability the most, they are being encouraged to make rash decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Most of the “Facts” from the pro-choice agenda are simply false and are not based on sound science.

Myth: Abortion is About Women's Rights

Abortion snuffs out the life of millions upon millions of precious little girls who would’ve grow up to be women. These little girls also have rights. The most fundamental of all rights is the right to live and not be murdered. While women should continue to have rights over their own bodies, the baby is also has a body of its own and must be protected at all costs.

Myth: A Fetus is Just a Clump of Cells

At just 6 weeks, a baby has a heartbeat, just developed the optic ventricle, which will later form the eyes, and the digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems are starting to develop. Far from a clump of cells, God’s beautiful design is incredibly complex.

Myth: Children Are Too Expensive

Children are affordable and worth any sacrifice necessary. It’s amazing that many are willing to pay for expensive meals out when they could eat more less expensively at home. That is true “choice”. Yet the child cost myth only presents one option based on unnecessary assumptions.

First, like every other facet of life, you can raise your child on a frugal budget. Second, your child doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest tech devices. Third, there are many alternatives to expensive universities: use CLEP credits to gets degree for a fraction of a 4 year degree, utilize community colleges, homeschool with dual enrollment for college credits, teach your child to pay their way through college (they will appreciate the cost much more), or have your child go into a well-paying trade.

In addition, there are many public and private programs that provide financial assistance. But the point is: you can afford children! Don’t let them steal your joy.

Myth: You Won't Enjoy Life With a Child

Children are a blessing! (Psalm 127:3) God gifts us with the joy of raising children. Ask almost any parent, and they will tell you the joy of having a child.

Myth: Abortion Prevents Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a false assertion and frequently used talking point by abortion activists. In fact, the US and many other nations are in a dire demographic winter, meaning we are facing severe under population. These radically waning birth rates have dire consequences economically, militarily, and societally, in general.

The decline in pregnancies correlates to the high rate of abortions followed by contraception, and further bolstered by a highly coordinated attack on women and children by the feminist, progressive, corporate, and so-called “environmentalist” movements. The messaging is “stop having children”.

According to these radical groups:

  • Children are a burden
  • Children steal your joy
  • Children hinder your career
  • Children are destroying the planet 
  • Children are disposable (either through abortion or by neglecting children through elevating careers over maternal childcare)

But the truth is that:

  • Children are a blessing!
  • Children are the single most source of joy, and will continue to be.
  • Children are more important than any career. You will find more fulfillment as a mother, nurturing and guiding a living being than hunkered in your sterile cubicle, making more profit for a faceless, soulless corporation.
  • Children are our hope for planet Earth! They are the next generation of stewards.
  • Children are precious and all life is sacred. If children can be murdered because they are deemed “inconvenient”, they will someday do the same to you, as an older inconvenience on society. 

Secondly, even if we were overpopulated, that is no excuse to commit murder. Killing babies is never acceptable, period. 

Myth: Abortion Doesn't Cause Infertility

Not only does abortion have a chance to cause infertility, but women who have had abortions are much more likely to miscarry, or have premature births. An abortion interrupts God’s design for birth and can lead to permanent damage to the reproductive systems.

Myth: There's No Risk of Breast Cancer

Many studies have shown that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer significantly. It’s simply false to make the claim that there is no connection.

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Myth: It's My Body!

Scientifically, this isn’t the case. From conception, the baby’s genetic makeup is different from the mother’s. The body actually has to turn off some of the immune system so the mother’s body does not attack the baby. (The mother’s body views the baby as foreign) In some scenarios, the baby’s blood type is different from the mother’s. God is creating another body within the mother — one that is unique, beautiful, and loved.

Myth: Abortion is Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are literally the right to reproduce (aka, replicate). What these abortion activists mean by this intentionally deceptive language is the right NOT to reproduce.