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Can ISIS Separate You from the Love of Christ?

If you have already died and your life is hid in Christ (Colossians 3:3), what can man do to you? Specifically, what can ISIS, Al Shabaab and any other godless, evil, fear-mongering terrorist do to you? Yes, they are raping, torturing, beheading, and crucifying Christians. But can these godless purveyors of unbridled hate separate you from the love of Christ? The answer is a resounding NO!

Jeff walks you through the eternal promises of God found in Romans 8. Get ready to be encouraged!

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Islamic State Violence driving Muslims to Christ

OpenDoorsUSA.org has an excellent article about Muslims coming to faith in Christ in large numbers precisely because of (or in spite of) ISIS. The fact is this: Jesus Christ is using ISIS (the Islamic State) against themselves, even revealing Himself to Muslims in dreams, visions, and through fellow Christians in the Middle East.

Amir and Rasha, along with their children, had been living in tents since 2012. Amir’s mother-in-law was killed by a sniper as she went outside to get some fresh air, Continue Reading