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“I like my awareness with ice cream on top…” Huh?

One of my highly esteemed siblings waxed poetically “I like my awareness with vanilla bean ice cream on top, and with plenty of Lipitor sprinkles!”

Pretty deep. (scratching head in perplexed amusement)

A corrective wax quickly followed: “Waffles, not awareness, though that works in an existential Kafkaesque kind of way”

Deeper still.

I liked the spell-corrected version better. His unintentional poetic footprint left a profound impression. To be clear, my brother does NOT sugarcoat the truth. But the auto-correction spoke to an ugly reality.

It reminded me of the time a good friend used Dr Seuss’ “Star-bellied Sneetches” to illustrate the danger of denominational superiority. One wonders how Seuss could be used so spiritually. And so it was with corrective spelling. God spoke through a donkey, after all.

So, what was the deep undercurrent of Truth revealed in by brother’s oracular text message? Continue Reading