Parable of the Minas

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Parable of the Minas

Reference: Luke 19


  • Matthew 25:14-29 similar but not the same passage. Intent is similar, but Jesus tells this parable with a slightly different intent.
  • A Denarius was a days wage ($200);
  • a silver Talent = 6,000 denarii ($1.2 million);
  • gold Talent = 180,000 denarii ($36 million).
  • A Mina in this version is 100x a Denarius = $20,000.

What does this tell us?

  1. God has given each of you many gifts of exceedingly great value! (Proverbs 8:18-21, 10-13, 17)
  2. God paid in advance! Earnest money. God trusts you and values you or else He would not have given them to you. (Eph 1:14)
  3. Having God, knowing Him, and receiving His wisdom are unsearchable riches. (Eph 3:8)
  4. But neglecting or even despising His offer of riches is very serious. (Heb 11:26, Luke 19: 22,27)

We often under value the gifts or allow fear to paralyze us, thinking somehow that God is cruel and unjust, like the wicked servant. The point is God will not only judge the rebellious, but also those of His own household who are lazy, unproductive with the gifts God’s entrusted to them.

Irony of wicked servant: he dug to hide His treasure rather than using His treasure (resources) to seek out and dig for more hidden treasures. Remember the one who found the buried treasure? He sought to unearth it! Same with the pearl of great price. He spent all his resources to find and obtain greater treasure, greater reward!

Our one take away:

a) God is generous and trusts us to use the gifts He’s given us.

b) He expects an increase.

c) He commands us to keep doing the business of His Kingdom until He returns.

What does this look like, practically?

  • Increase your knowledge of Christ and His Word is digging for hidden treasure. Read your Bibles, desire to be in prayer groups and Bible studies, not only learning, but having prepared something to bring to the table to encourage others.
  • Increase your intimacy with God by walking in the Spirit, in purity having a sensitive conscience, tender heart and pure speech.
  • Increase your communication with the Lord in regular daily prayer time.
  • Use the resources you have to witness Christ to others: by telling them, helping those in need, giving financially to ministries, volunteering your time and sweat equity.

The goal is for your soul to increase and by extension your influence will give increase to other souls.

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